S- Tone Inc. – Lost & Found


Lost & Found, is the sixth album by S-Tone Inc., four years after the previous “Moon In Libra”.

As the title suggests, S-Tone Inc takes us into a journey through a collection of new and old unreleased tracks, part of whom were produced during the last ten years and for several reasons were not included in the previous releases.

Now, the “lost” tracks have been “found” and surprisingly still sound fresh and capture the real spirit of the best S-Tone Inc. productions.

The new tracks show a new direction, more moody and intense. These songs are the output of the sound exploration carried on by Stefano Tirone during the last two years, an exploration that brought him close to nw genres such as ambient rock and acoustic soul.
Downbeat grooves, electric guitars and dub basslines are the most distinctive elements of tracks like “Mass Distraction” and “Wise Up”, with a soulful mood that reminds and connects with S-Tone Inc’s past productions.

The album features some remixes, from japanese dj Grooveman Spot, the Netherlands based team Combo Moderna (later on known as Solo Moderna) and Bedroom Rockers.

There are two covers, one of the classic tune “I Put A Spell On You”, of which we all remember Nina Simone’s version, and “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann, best known for being included in the motion picture soundtrack “Magnolia”.

The album features some of S-Tone Inc.’s historical partners as Laura Fedele, Toco, Manuela Ravaglioli, Marco Brioschi and the legendary bossa nova guitarist and composer Roberto Menescal.

“I Put A Spell On You” is a cover of the classic tune by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. A new harmonic arrangement makes it sound fresh and original. It features Laura Fedele in one of her best performances.

“Serengeti” is an instrumental track with afro elements on a house beat. The African vocals blend perfectly with the soulful trumpet played by Marco Brioschi, while a guitar riff delivers great tension.

“In The Mood For Joy” as the title suggests has more than one element in common with the S-Tone Inc. classic “In The Mood For Love”, but has a new soulful mood. The arrangement is totally new and more mellow, thanks to a seductive rhythm guitar supported by a brazilian groove. Lush strings and an inspired rhodes solo by Fabrizio Bernasconi enrich Laura Fedele’s charming vocals.

“Samba Noir (The Soundtrack)” is a special instrumental version of the track written by Stefano Tirone for Toco, and recorded in Rio with Roberto Menescal. It has a suggestive cinematic mood and is without doubt one of S-Tone Inc.’s best track. The track was mixed during the sessions of the album “Outro Lugar” by Toco and has been kept as a secret since then, now showing that as an instrumental it is even more charming and seductive than the original vocal version. Introduced by a melanchonic string quartet it sounds like a journey on a lost highway in the middle of nowhere.

“Vai Ser Bom” is a remix by Combo Moderna of the track originally included in Sobrenatural. Combo Moderna are a team of dj/producers later on known as Solo Moderna; here they give a jazzy drum&bass treatment to this track sung by brazilian singer Adi Souza, who was previously part of the vocal group that supported Toquinho and Vinicius De Moraes in the early 70’s.

“Limbe” is a remix by Bedroom Rockers (Fred Ventura & Enrico Colombo) of the track originally included in Sobrenatural. It keeps the indian flavour but they have added their typical funky touch. It features Laura Fedele on vocals. An edited single version of this remix was featured in the french version of Sobrenatural but this extended remastered version is released here for the first time.

“Mass Distraction” is a new instrumental track that shows a different direction, downbeat and moody, with electric guitars and a dub bassline. Quite different from all the previous production, it reflects S-Tone Inc experience into Ambient Rock which led to the production of of the debut album of “Out Of Limbo”. Nevertheless it sounds consistent with the melancholic side of S-Tone Inc. production.

“Bahia Mon Amour” is a drum&bass remix of the track originally included in Sobrenatural. Remixed by Stefano Tirone, it features brazilian singers Milton Martins and Adi Souza.
It has a very sunny mood and the new arrangement reminds of the melody of Gilberto Gil’s “Eu Vim Da Bahia” to which the track is obviously inspired.

“Some Kind Of Blues” is the remix version of japanese dj Grooveman Spot who gives a hip hop treatment to this jazzy tune that features Laura Fedele on vocals and Marco Brioschi on trumpet. The loose hip hop groove and a funky bassline make it sounds new and fresh.

“Lady Word” is a new track featuring Laura Fedele on vocals and has a distinctive but delicate disco beat, with jazzy elements. Groovy but elegant, with a nice baritone sax solo by Gilberto Tarocco.

“Universe Of Peace” is an instrumental interlude with piano, strings and brass. Cinematic and moody. The piano arpeggio creates a layer for the seductive strings and the soulful brass, delivering an atmosphere of ease and peace as the title suggests.

“Entre O Ceus E A Terra” is another remix by Combo Moderna of this track originally included in Sobrenatural. They add their distinctive club touch, and the sensual vocals by Manuela Ravaglioli match perfectly with the groovy beat.

“Wise Up” is the cover of the track by Aimee Mann that became popular thanks to the movie Magnolia. Downbeat and moody in the same direction of the track “Mass Distraction”, it features Stefano Miceli on vocals. The song had gone through a kind of dub-folk treatment that increased its melancholic feeling while the new ¾ arrangement added more tension.

“Bacana” sounds familiar as it was written on the same instrumental track of “In The Mood For Joy” but has a new brazilian flavour due to the vocals of Toco. This version goes into a more joyful and bright direction, while the original was more moody. Since it was really hard at that time to make a decision between the two versions, this track finally has its deserved own place.

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01 I Put A Spell On You
02 Serengeti
03 In The Mood For Joy
04 Samba Noir (The Soundtrack)
05 Vai Ser Bom (Combo Moderna Rmx)
06 Limbe (Bedroom Rockers Rmx)
07 Mass Distraction
08 Bahia Mon Amour (drum & bossa rmx)
09 Some Kind Of Blues (Grooveman Spot Rmx)
10 Lady Word
11 Universe Of Peace
12 Entre O Ceus E A Terra (Combo Moderna Rmx)
13 Wise Up
14 Bacana

LABEL Schema
ARTIST S-Tone Inc.
TITLE Lost & Found
FILE UNDER Nu Jazz, Drum&Bass, Hip Hop

Stefano Tirone: rhodes, wurlitzer, electric guitar, electric bass, programming
Laura Fedele: vocals
Manuela Ravaglioli: vocals
Milton Martins: vocals
Adi Souza: vocals
Stefano Miceli: vocals
Toco: vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Fabrizio Bernasconi: rhodes
Gilerto Tarocco: baritone saxophone
Marco Brioschi: trumpet
Roberto Menescal: acoustic guitar
Mauro Tre: piano
Simone Daclon: piano
Carlo Nicita: flute
Marco Decimo: cello
Luca Campioni: violin
Adriano Souza: piano
Adriano Giffoni: double bass
Joao Cortez: drums
Beppe Caruso: trombone
Giacomo Tringali: vibes
Marquinho Baboo: percussion
Arranged and produced by Sefano Tirone
Executive producers Luciano Cantone and Davide Rosa