January 31, 2019

Motion FM – January 2019 Chart by Panos B


Slam Mode

Far-reaching, low disturbances charge finite particles through futuristic ensembles of symphonic voices that eject and soar beyond ...

Radios Shows


Monday’s schedule on Deep Motion FM: Vincent Inc, Hideo Kobayashi, Jon Dasilva, DJ Rocca and a non stop selection of the …


Umeko Ando -Battaki LP (inc. Joaquin Joe Claussell Remix)

Album of Japanese tribal music (Ainu) from UMEJO ANDO known as a master of the Upopo (song) and Mukkuri (mouth harp). …


Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit & Fran├žois K : Body & SOUL – Martin Luther King Day Celebration @ The Avant Gardner (January 20, 2019)

Picking up on Body & SOUL’s intense and memorable anniversary party this past July at the Avant Gardner, we are joining …

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