October 31, 2019

Motion FM – October 2019 Chart by Panos B

Motion FM – October 2019 Chart by Panos B


Slam Mode

Far-reaching, low disturbances charge finite particles through futuristic ensembles of symphonic voices that eject and soar beyond ...


Deeply Japan 312 – DJ Toyo (11.15.2019)

Alphonse – Moan Up Lowheads, Dazzle Drums, Tomomi Ukumori – Gentle Rain Mim Suleiman – Nia Lpo Abstract Truth – (We …

Radios Shows


Friday’s schedule on Deep Motion FM: Toshi Maeda/Ayumu Okada/Kaji/Toyo & friends (Deeply Japan), DJ Phil Lefebvre, Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers, …


Pomona Dream – Blame It On The Groove

Swedish contemporary groovesmiths Pomona Dream return with their first prominent release since their debut album “Rainbow Milk”. Coming on strong on …


Fred P Presents: Perpetual Sounds [An intimate bday celebration]

Date: November 10, 2019 Location: SOUND ROOM + THE BAR TICKETS Fred P will be celebrating his birthday at this intimate, …

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