deepArtSounds, Deeper Soul Show, Raw House Supreme Show.

deepArtSounds - deepArtSounds Radio (Zurich, Switzerland)

Style: Deep House
Duration: 60 min

Local time:
London: 18:00
Paris/Berlin: 19:00
Los Angeles: 10:00
Montreal/New York: 13:00

Cakes Factory - Deeper Soul Show (Porto, Portugal)

Style: Soulful House
Duration: 60:00

Local time:
London: 20:00
Paris/Berlin: 21:00
Los Angeles: 12:00
Montreal/New York: 15:00

The Rawsoul - Raw House Supreme Show (Montreal, Canada)

Style: Deep House/Soulful
Duration: 120 min

Local time:
London: 21:00
Paris/Berlin: 22:00
Los Angeles: 13:00
Montreal/New York: 16:00


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