Energy Soul - Energy Soul Sessions (Lamia, Greece)

Style: Soulful House
Duration: 60 min

Local time:
London: 18:00
Paris/Berlin: 19:00
Los Angeles: 10:00
Montreal/New York: 13:00

Toshi Maeda, Ayumu Okada, Kaji, Toyo & friends - Deeply Japan (Tokyo, Japan) (3am Tokyo Local Time)

Style: Deep House
Duration: 60 min

Local time:
London: 20:00
Paris/Berlin: 21:00
Los Angeles: 12:00
Montreal/New York: 15:00

Steve Conry - Ten Lovers Music (Manchester, England)

Style: Deep House/Broken Beat/Jazz
Duration: 60 min

Local time:
London: 21:00
Paris/Berlin: 22:00
Los Angeles: 13:00
Montreal/New York: 16:00

Malcolm Moore - Under The Bridge (USA/Germany)

Style: Deep House
Duration: 60 min

Local time:
London: 22:00
Paris/Berlin: 23:00
Los Angeles: 14:00
Montreal/New York: 17:00

DJ Josh Thomas & DJ Kwab - Underground Revival (New York, USA)

Style: Soulful House
Duration: 120 min

Local time:
London: 23:00
Paris/Berlin: 00:00
Los Angeles: 15:00
Montreal/New York: 18:00

Fermix Lopez - Coffee Sessions (Tulum, Mexico)

Style: Disco House
Duration: 60 min

Local time:
London: 02:00
Paris/Berlin: 03:00
Los Angeles: 18:00
Montreal/New York: 21:00


Ten Lovers Music – Best Of Various (Erik Escobar, Cormac Fulton, Lorenzo Dewberry, Gee W) – 12″

TLM025 kicks off with Erik Escobar and his cover version of Memories by Caruso. Erik is from Campinas in Brazil and …

Nathan Haines / Jazz Juice – Thorne Bay Bossa/ Los Chicos – 7″

Label: Na Vitrola Brazil Format: 7″ Cat: NV NHJJ Released: 20 Aug 21 Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz BUY 7″ Tracklist Side …

La Pregunta – Shangri La 7″

La Pregunta was a short lived project in the late 70s and early 80s. 1978’s ‘Shangri La’ on GBP Crescendo was …


Shelter 30th Anniversary – Friday, Sep 17, 2021

SHELTER 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY SEPT 17 2021. DOORS OPEN 5:00 PM FRIDAY NIGHT. 30 years and still running. Join us and …

Danny Krivit & Joe Claussell – Soul Alliance Boat Party 2021

Benny Soto presents… Sunday, August 29th SOUL ALLIANCE BOAT PARTY! With music by Joaquin “Joe” Claussell and Danny Krivit! Taking place …

Shelter 29th Year Anniversary feat. Timmy Regisford & Ron Trent – 07/03/2021

Shelter 29th Year Anniversary

We endured a year of loss. We have a year to gain. Sunday June 6 was a beautiful event. Everyone was …

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