Erik Escobar – New Brazilian Trio EP – Ten Lovers Music 12″

Although he began his career as an 11-year-old prodigy back in 1990, it took Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and producer Erik Escobar until 2020 to deliver a debut solo album. Last year he joined Ten Lovers Music to deliver a follow-up – a full-length collaboration with Stretto – and here returns to the label with his latest project: a ‘new Brazilian trio’ that draws inspiration from a combination of jazz-fusion, samba-jazz, jazz-funk and spiritual jazz. It’s a brilliant EP all told, with highlights including the high-octane brilliance of ‘Samba For Petrucciani’, the carnival-ready excellence of the Azymuth-esque ‘Arcanjo Miguel’, the jazz guitar sporting laidback vibes of ‘Change of Plan’ and the colourful jazz-funk of ‘Maracana Funk’.

Label: Ten Lovers Music
Format: 12″ + insert
Cat: TLM 027
Released: 23 Feb 22
Genre: Jazz
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Side 1
1. “Arcanjo Miguel”
2. “Chick”
Side 2
1. “Samba For Petrucciani”
2. “Maraca – Funk”
3. “Change Of Plan”