Kyoyo Jazz Massive Feat Roy Ayers – Get Up – At Home Sound Japan 7″

Kyoto Jazz Massive’s most recent album, the critically acclaimed Message From a New Dawn, was packed to the rafters with highlights, with their surprise collaboration with jazz-funk legend Roy Ayers, ‘Get Up’, arguably being the best of the lot. Here the track gets a deserved single release, albeit via two 45-friendly re-edits from Japanese scalpel fiend DJ Kawasaki. He subtly snips and chops the track on the A-side ’45 Edit’, finding room for both the various instrumental solos and vocal sections while keeping the original’s focus and energy in-tact. Over on the flip he chooses to showcase Ayers’ superb vibraphone solos, jettisoning the original version’s vocals on an all-instrumental revision that’s a genuine jazz-funk-goes-disco treat.

Label: At Home Sound Japan
Format: 7″
Cat: AHS 63
Released: 08 Aug 22
Genre: Funk


Side 1
1. “Get Up Featuring Vanessa Freeman” (DJ Kawasaki 45 edit) (4:11)
Side 2
1. “Get Up” (DJ Kawasaki Roy Vibestrumental mix) (3:35)