Str4ta – Str4tasfear 2XLP – Brownswood

Gilles Peterson and Incognito main man Jean-Paul Maunick (AKA Bluey) are the two artists behind the Str4ta project. It debuted last year with a superb full-length and now is already back with a seance on Gilles’s Brownswood label. ‘STR4TASFEAR’ is a mix of songs, grooves and melodies from the Brit funk world that the two collaborators emerged from. It finds them working with some legends of the scene from neo-soul Godfather Omar to Emma-Jean Thackray, Brighton duo Anushka and Floridian trumpeter/vocalist Theo Croker. A superb collection of timeless sounds, then.

Side 1
1. “City Sounds” (STR4TA EAST) (7:33)
2. “Turn Me Around” (5:22)
Side 2
1. “When You Call Me” (STR4TA WEST) (4:54)
2. “Night Flight” (5:26)
3. “Soothsayer” (feat Theo Croker) (2:52)
Side 3
1. “Why Must You Fly” (feat Omar – STR4TA NORTH) (4:17)
2. “To Be As One” (feat Theo Croker) (6:26)
3. “(Bring On The) Bad Weather” (feat Anushka) (4:55)
Side 4
1. “Lazy Days” (feat Emma-Jean Thackray – STR4TA SOUTH) (5:42)
2. “Find Your Heaven” (feat Valerie Etienne) (5:09)
3. “Virgil” (4:14)